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Gareth with Pint

Well, Hello !

Just steadying the nerves before jumping on yet another plane. When this picture was taken, myself and the crowd I was with were in a Lanzarote bar ten miles from the airport. Nothing wrong there, except that the flight out had been secretly rescheduled to take off just as I got the fifth round in - ouch !

We got the plane, but the hundred tourists flying to Manchester were a little upset at having to wait an extra hour before they could check in. Also I missed getting the Silver card that lets you in all the airport free booze lounges around the world by 10 points - what a bummer !

This page is here so you can share some of my yarns, interests, and a few of the more sordid moments in my life. The chances are you don't know me from Adam, but have probably seen one of my scribblings somewhere, and want to know a little more about the depraved soul that wrote them - this is your chance.

gareth at lightfox dot plus dot com
April 28th 1999